Robert Smithson - Broken Circle, 1971


08.27.14 @ 23:03454

Constantin Brâncuși, Sleeping Muse, 1910

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i forget what this concept is called, but its like when you drop a ball from the height of a table, you can split the distance from where you drop it and the floor in half, but then you can split that half into a half as well, and the same with that half so that technically its impossible for the ball to ever hit the ground because there is an infinite amount of space between your hand and the ball because you can always split it in half and i wish that concept could be applied to time i wish the time from now to friday could be split in half infinite times so we’d get closer and closer but never quite get right to friday but just like the ball will hit the ground, it’s going to be friday and i’m not sure what i’m going to do next.

i think i fucked up real bad


Jack Johnson


No Other Way


In Between Dreams



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Guess I can’t do my homework!

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Isafjordur, Iceland

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